3 Killer Protoss vs Protoss Strategies – Win All Your SC2 PvP Matches

The Protoss vs Protoss matchups can get a little weird since both players have access to the exact same units. Use these Protoss vs Protoss strategies to outwit your opponent and take him out before he knows how to defend himself.

PvP Strategy #1: 4 Warpgate Push

The 4 Warpgate push is very deadly in the Protoss vs Protoss matchup. Many Protoss players will try to get away with expanding fairly early and won’t have enough forces to deal with the constant pressure that 4 Warp gates provide.

Basically build only 4 Gateways and a Cybernetics Core to research Warpgate technology. Once the Warp gate tech is done move a Probe out to place a proxy Pylon near your opponents base and push out with your whole army. Attack your opponent where he’s weakest then keep warping in more units to wear him down and take the win.

Protoss vs Protoss Strategy #2: Zealots & Colossi

This PvP strategy works very good against other Protoss players because Colossi do a lot of damage to enemy Zealots and your Zealots can easily take out enemy Stalkers. Build 2 Gateways and a Robotics Facility, then add on a Robotics Bay when that is done. From there research the range upgrade and get a Colossus out. Build only Zealots from your Gateways.

When you have 2 Colossi move out and attack your opponent. Place an expansion down at the same time so you can followup in the mid game if your attack fails. Since Colossi are so powerful this strategy will kill your opponents outright a lot of the time.

SC 2 Protoss strategy #3: Phoenix Harassment

If you’re going to do this strategy, don’t focus entirely on getting Phoenix, they are just to harass your opponent, keep him in his base and slow his economy down. Getting a couple early Phoenix out can be very useful against a Protoss since they are fast to scout with and they can pick up Probes to kill them off quickly.

Harass as often as you can, then retreat back to your base to help fight off any attacks that come. Use your Phoenix to pick up key units to take them out of the battle for a short time.

These Protoss vs Protoss strategies are very effective, but they work best if you have great macro. The absolute first thing you should be working on as a Protoss player is getting a good economy out and constantly producing units so you have a big army. Then you can use these strategies very effectively to win more and climb up the Battle.net Ladder.

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