5 Steps to Buying Your First PC Computer

If you are looking to purchase your first computer these very simple five steps should ensure that you purchase the correct specification PC for your requirements.

1. Think about what you want your PC to achieve
Ultimately, when you as an individual understand what you wish your PC to do for you everything else tends to follow naturally. This is because a computer is an intelligent machine which can do many things and having a good understanding of what you wish the computer to do for you whether that be, digital photography, multimedia, e-mail, music, writing, is the first step in the process.

2. Think about the software you will require to achieve the goals you are setting your computer.
Understand this, it is the software which is installed on your new computer which physically does the work you require.

3. Think about the hardware require to operate your PC
A large proportion of individuals tend to become confused with this step when thinking about number two. In my view, software is really the more important attribute given the hardware within your system is simply following the instructions of the software installed. Therefore it is better to buy a computer to operate your software and not the other way around.

4. Service and support
This is an important aspect of shopping for your first computer given if your experience levels are limited you will probably require additional help and support from your supplier. Many high street retailers now offer service and support when purchasing computers for a small fee and this can be money well spent if you are not used to operating a computer.

5. Go out there and purchase your computer!
We all like to purchase a bargain or wait until the latest developments are incorporated into our purchases and that is a good thing however if you are continually looking for a PC and possibly not purchasing because you are waiting for possible new future developments in technology then you could be waiting to purchase your computer for some time. Computer technology is constantly evolving and there will be some point where you will have to buy your PC with the latest technology installed.

Nearly all modern day computers are now sufficiently capable of conducting the most difficult tasks. The capability of a computer to operate software to a satisfactory user level is primarily based upon the processing speed of the unit. The unit I am referring to is the processor within your computer. The higher the processing speed quicker and more efficient your PC will operate.

Another significant impacting element of your computer is the ram otherwise known as random access memory which in effect is a temporary operating memory. Again, the larger your RAM the more efficient and quicker your computer will perform. Taking into account these two factors look for the highest processing speed and the largest RAM capacity and Tailor this to your budget.

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