A Review of the Formax FD402P1 Single-Bin Paper Jogger

A paper jogger is a good thing to have around if your company regularly produces mass mailings, processes checks, and so on. One of the best entry-level devices is the Formax FD402P1. Here’s a look at what’s great about it as well as what could be improved.

The FD402P1 is capable of working with paper that’s up to 11″ x 17″, more commonly known as tabloid size. You’ll be able to process both letter- and legal-sized sheets with this device, so it’s an ideal machine to have on-hand for all your jogging needs.
This machine can jog up to 800 sheets at once which is a terrific amount for a single-bin device. The jogging capacity is based on 20 lb. bond paper, so you may find that you’re able to jog more or less depending on the thicknesses of your sheets. This device has a center divider to make it easy to jog small sets of paper.
This jogger has variable speeds and it’s capable of producing up to 4,000 vibrations per minute.
The FD402P1 can process both regular sheets of paper as well as forms and envelopes. In fact, this device can even separate forms if necessary. However, since this is a standard jogger, you can’t use it for things such as magazines. You should consider investing in a specialty jogger if you need to work with those kinds of items.
This machine has a special area that will hold various types of waste such as dust, paper clips, and staples. This helps keep your sheets clean and keeps the jogger in good working order.
You can use this device to prepare items for a number of different processes including insertion, folding, copying, and scanning. It’s a great machine to have around if you frequently work with a lot of paper because it reduces the amount of static electricity between sheets so they’ll be fed more smoothly through other devices.
This jogger can easily fit on a desk or table because its measurements are 7.75″ (width) x 19″ (length) x 21″ (height). It has a relatively small footprint so it won’t take up a lot of room at all. Also, it only weighs 28 pounds so it’s pretty lightweight.
The FD402P1 is reasonably priced and it’s accompanied by a one-year warranty.

The Formax FD402P1 is a terrific single-bin jogger even if it really is only an entry-level device. You’ll be able to jog various sizes of paper (including tabloid-sized sheets) as well as forms and envelopes, so this is a good machine to have if you regularly work with a lot of paper. It’s great that you’ll be able to process as many as 800 sheets at once and that this device is small enough to fit on a variety of work surfaces. It’s kind of disappointing that you can’t jog specialty items such as a magazines with this machine, but that’s kind of to be expected since this is a pretty basic unit. In conclusion, if you need a jogger without a lot of bells and whistles, the FD402P1 would be a great choice.

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