A Smart Home Buyer’s Neighborhood Watch

“Neighborhood Watch” -Insiders Report

It’s your first night in your new “dream home” and after a long day of unpacking it’s time for bed, and then it happens! You close your eyes hoping, praying that it will go away and then it happens again! You jump out of bed…Pace the floor…Your blood pressure begins to spiral upward…There it is again and suddenly you are faced with the a home owner’s worst nightmare…Your new “dream home” is next door to a dog who will not stop barking!

How can you avoid this ever happening to you? Simple…always investigate the neighborhood BEFORE you purchase! In searching for the “right house” many home buyers often overlook the obvious once they fall for a home… the neighborhood. How should a potential home buyer go about the process of assuring they have found not only the right house…but the right neighborhood…and with no surprises?

Savvy home buyers compile a list of the most desirable aspects of a particular neighborhood as part of their initial research regarding any potential home purchase. The more detail you add to your list…the better your chances of success.

Here is a typical list of neighborhood specifics for a family relocating to a new area:

1. School district.
2. Sidewalks and running trails throughout the neighborhood.
3. Close to parks and recreation for the kids.
4. Association fees (if applicable).
5. Property taxes.
6. Crime rate.
7. How long of a commute to work.
8. Proximity to shops and restaurants.
9. How close to busy streets or main thoroughfares.
10. What type of families in the neighborhood.
11. Barking dogs (better to be safe than sorry)

After compiling your list it time to do some “neighborhood homework”. You should spend time driving and walking the neighborhood of any homes you are seriously considering writing an offer on. Sometimes…what looks good on line… may be a different story in reality.

Do some investigating by driving through the neighborhood at different times of day… as well as different days of the week…it will be time well spent. Getting out of the car and walking around a neighborhood can also be very enlightening. You will notice different things on foot that can’t be seen from the car.

Once you have found a home that’s worth applying for a home mortgage, make sure you complete the process with the proper due diligence in regards to the neighborhood. Also, don’t be afraid to ask people in area their opinions of the neighborhood.

While it’s probably not a good idea to knock on doors of potential neighbors… talking to those in the neighborhood who happen to be out walking… or tending to their garden as you stroll by… is a perfect way to acquire some “insider information.”

Taking the time to properly investigate a neighborhood before you purchases makes you a sophisticated and wise home buyer who doesn’t leap before they invest.

It also reduces your chances of being awakened by a barking dog late at night…WOOF!

Albert Arouh
Purchase Mortgage Specialist
City 1st Mortgage Bank
Los Angeles Home Mortgage Report

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