Abuse The Power Of MMM Mobility – Starcraft 2 TvP Strategy

Beating a good Protoss player in Starcraft 2 can be a very difficult task so you’ll need all the advantages you can get to claim the victory. Try out this Terran vs Protoss strategy in your next game to get in your opponent’s head and take the win.

If you’re using infantry against Protoss then you’re definitely going to want to back them up with Medivacs to keep them alive for as long as possible. And since you have Medivacs you might as well abuse the mobility that you have with them.

Instead of just following your troops around with your Medivacs, load up 8 Marines into 1 and move it into position to attack your opponent’s mineral line. Then attack the front door of the Protoss base with your ground army and drop your Marines into his mineral line at the same time. This will force your opponent to split his attention and try to defend 2 attacks at the same time.

Many times your opponent won’t notice the Marine drop until it’s too late and you’ve crippled their economy. Or they’ll see it right away and pull their army back, giving your ground army a chance to get in and do some damage.

As the game continues, keep abusing your opponent with the mobility of your Medivacs. Hit him in 2 or more locations at once. This also works especially good if you launch a Nuke at the same time. The more you do to attack your opponent the more overwhelmed and split his forces will become, allowing you to split his army and take him out.

Just don’t let yourself get too distracted with all you’re doing. It’s very important to keep your macro up while you do this so you don’t fall behind in economy if your attack fails.

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