Advice For First Time Buyers Of Foreclosures

Most first time homebuyers might consider foreclosures as too risky. However, housing experts believe that, for someone who has the patience to spend time in research, the benefits of buying foreclosed houses can outweigh the risks.

Perceived Risks in Buying Foreclosed Properties

The most common risk associated with buying foreclosed houses is getting a property that is in poor condition. Another is getting an unclean title or not having the proper documents for the property. There is also the problem of the long wait before closing, unless the home is purchased through auction.

Home auctions might be the quickest way to purchase a foreclosed property, but buyers should have enough cash ready to be able to make a bid. Auctions are also risky in such a way that they leave little time for a buyer to inspect the property. Winning bidders are also required to shell out at least 10% of the payment the day of the auction and close the whole deal within 90 days at the most.

Minimizing the Risks

Housing industry experts have stated that there are ways to minimize and even eliminate these risks. For buyers who plan on going for foreclosures instead of new homes, a lot of advantages are on offer. First, prices of foreclosed dwellings are very low. Second, there are a lot of options to choose from. Third, a lot of financing programs are available for foreclosed property buyers.

In terms of worries over getting properties in poor condition, experts stated that the most important thing is to hire a professional home inspector. Another is to have enough time to inspect the property and still another is to have more than one or two options to compare. According to them, in getting a properly maintained property, time and professional advice are the most important factors.

In terms of getting proper documentations, housing experts stated that hiring a real estate lawyer and professional agent might cost a bit of money, but can benefit a buyer in the long run since he or she can avoid making the wrong purchase. They also suggest that buyers of foreclosures get comparative market reports first before making a final decision which they can use to weigh the pros and cons of each option that they are considering.

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