Belize Real Estate – Moving to Placencia

Recently, there has been a lot of progress being made in the peninsula of Placencia. It is one of the most luxurious resort places in Belize and it is also a favorite tourist destination, aside from Ambergris Caye.

Belize real estate developers said that not only infrastructures are to be seen in the future of Placencia, but also an increasing population of residents and tourists to frequent the peninsula. Placencia is often overshadowed by the popularity of Ambergris Caye, but this time it seems that Placencia is getting the spotlight.

Continuing progress in Placencia would include new roads being paved and an international airport to be built from the ground. The location of the international airport would be on the northern part of the peninsula. It is such great news that the construction is underway since it was, as they say, been delayed for at least 10 years already. With these developments making their way in Placencia, a lot of investors are looking at the area for further development. Furthermore, if the area would keep on developing, a lot of people, locals or even foreigners from across the globe, would look at Placencia and may call it their new home.

With the competition already tight in the Belize real estate industry, Placencia is grinding its way to the top of the best places to live in the country. The peninsula of Placencia prides itself with the most beautiful and unscathed beaches in the country because they are a lot less frequented by tourists. Also, houses in Placencia are of luxurious and impeccable taste, so often that most of the time only the ones who can afford them could buy it. Although the real estate prices are high, it is still low compared to the houses in the United States or other countries. Maintenance of houses and mansions are rather cheap even in places like Placencia, and one can afford a maid, gardener and caretaker at a fraction of the cost of one would pay in other well-developed countries.

Condominium buildings are also on the rise. It seems that Placencia is ready for the people who want to move in. Second, third or even fourth homebuyers from the US are the ones who dominate the list of owners in Placencia. Most of the houses are made vacation mansions rather than a full time home. Although, some would of able retirees from other countries occupy course. That is why having caretakers is one of the must-haves in this places. Without someone to tend to the place and the owners outside the country, itâ• • s only a matter of time before the second home is stripped down to pieces with the garden going wild.

Placencia is one of the favorites of others since itâ• • s not as populated as Ambergris Caye, therefore making the place peaceful and tranquil. The beaches are pristine and just as beautiful as all Belize beaches are. With the new developments and construction, Placencia is looking to be the hottest spot in the future of Belize real estate.

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