Brazilians Are Investing In Beach Front Real Estate And So Can You

Miami Beach and its Sunny Isles area are so eye-catching and fun, that to turn down an opportunity to live there would probably lead to some serious self-loathing. Cold weather is something that avoids Miami like a plague and sunshine makes its presence known in Miami all the time. What a great place to live, right? If you had a chance to spend the rest of your days in Miami on a dime, would you do it? Even if you could just snatch up some uncharacteristically cheap real estate for your back-burner, would you? Foreign investors from South America have done this and so can you!

According to the Miami Herald, because prices on new and already constructed units were lower than the price of building a new unit, buyers from out of the country took advantage. In some places along Sunny Isles, prices were cut in half and many foreign investors have swopped in to cash in on those great deals. Many Brazilians are buying luxury ocean front condos in Sunny Isles.

You can do it too! Since 2008 the price of real estate in South Beach has dropped substantially. If you’ve always dreamed of laying your head to rest in a place as luxurious and wonderful as Sunny Isles, there is no better time than now to do it!

If it takes a little more than that to convince you, that’s okay. It won’t take long! There are so many advantages to living in Sunny Isles; the decision to move will be a breeze.

First of all, Sunny Isles is right across the Intracoastal Waterway from Miami so you don’t risk the traffic and hassle of living in the city itself. Sunny Isles is also right on the beach. You don’t have to get in your car and drive to the beach because if you live in Sunny Isles, the warm white-sand and cool crystal blue waters of the Atlantic are right outside of your door.

That being said, Sunny Isles is technically in Miami, so you don’t have far to go if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds that Miami has to offer. Head across the water and enjoy some of the best shopping in the world! Dine at delicious restaurants, take in a Miami Heat basketball game, and then dance the rest of the night away in some of the world’s best dance clubs.

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