Build Systems to Find Buyers For Your Real Estate Success

If you truly want to be successful in real estate investing and do it as a full time job, or even if you want to be really good at it part time, then you have to build systems. Effective systems for everything.

You certainly need to have the following systems: 1. Lead generation (for buying houses and finding buyers for your deals); 2. Lead processing (a system to handle the leads once you get them); 3. Closing system. The most important of them is the system for how to find buyers.

Set up a system that attracts to you the buyers looking for the kind of deals you have. Among all things, it must be able to whittle them down. Meaning, the system should separate tire kickers from true buyers, so that you don’t have to respond to everyone who shows just a little interest. in one of your deals. You must have the right system for how you find buyers not looky lous. If you don’t have this system, you will not be selling a lot of properties and you will be wasting a lot of time. Especially in this slow economy that we are in right now. If you have been using systems for finding buyers and sellers for a while then you know that is has become real easy to find sellers but very difficult to figure out how to find buyers. So 80 percent of your system building right now in this market should be on how to find buyers.

Take time to build these systems. I know most investors are too busy trying to do deals. The problem is they never make an effort to build the systems and, as a result, they never seem to get to the point they want to be at as an investor. If you spend time working on your business and building systems to find buyers then in the future when everyone is struggling you will be the one laughing to the bank. It is a must for a long term viable business that you can depend on to supply your monthly cash flow.

Take the time to build the system and it will grow your business like no other. The time is worth it! I guarantee it. If you become an expert on how to find buyers you will control the keys to the kingdom so to speak in this market. Every investor in town will be wanting to work with you and the money will just pour in.

The author, Jesse C Davis is an experienced wholesaler in the Jackson, Mississippi, Real Estate market. He has wholesaled over 80 properties this year alone, and he teaches a seminar on how to really be successful in today’s market. Click here Find Buyers for your Deals

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