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A set of documents that provides the buyer with key information on the property and it is provided by the seller or the seller’s agent, this is known as Home information packs. A landlord has to buy home information pack. Or HIP. Get your HIP fast and at a competitive price. Buy your hip from a hip provider such as a domestic energy assessor. HIP offers all the necessary Government approvals and this will be emailed to you in an electronic version. It usually takes 3 to 4 working days.

If you are a landlord and have been ignoring buying a home information pack, then, you should consider it at the earliest. HIP is a mandatory document that is required compulsorily by all the landlords, if he decides to sell a property. Any HIP will have certain compulsory information and optional information too. You can choose not to have your optional information, as the name itself suggests its optional form. Compulsorily one needs to have a sales deed, evidence of title, PIQ also known as Property Information Questionnaire, sustainability information, standard searches which includes local authority, drainage and water. And the optional one will comprise of legal summary, special search report(mining search), home or content form and your home condition report that reflects the condition of your house. HIP lets buyers see important information on the property at the start of the process, free of charge. Commercial or for residential purpose it is good to have a home information pack with an EPC included in it. Any recommendations made on how to improve a house’s energy efficiency can be considered.

Consider these when you plan to get a HIP:

• Property Information Questionnaire (PIC)

• Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Predicted Energy Assessment

• Sustainability Certificate (new homes only)

• Sale Statement

• Land Registry Documents

Included in this HIP is a Home condition report or survey which talks about the condition of your house. This will hint a prospective buyer whether or not to purchase the property.

Kirthy Shetty, Platinum author,

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