Buying Lakewood Ranch Real Estate is a Great if you Love the Outdoors

It’s no wonder the Lakewood Ranch real estate market has held steady during these tough economic times. Yes, of course, home prices in Lakewood Ranch, Florida have decreased as well as overall home sales. On the other hand, the rental market stayed red hot through it all. This can be attributed to the fact that Lakewood Ranch remains an extremely desirable place to live and work.

Lakewood Ranch, the biggest green-certified neighborhood in the country, is an 8500- acre master-planned community, situated on the Gulf coast of Florida roughly an hour south of Tampa. Lakewood Ranch and the adjoining neighborhoods of East Manatee County are perfect places to live, regardless of whether you are raising a family, taking pleasure in retirement, or just coming down for the winter months.

As soon as you visit one of the seven neighborhoods that make up Lakewood Ranch you will know why so many people want to call this place home. What is surprising though is that while Lakewood Ranch is best known for its golf courses there is plenty of other outdoor activities to do as well. In fact, Lakewood Ranch was among three areas recognized with the first American Trails Developer Award during the National Trails Awards Ceremony at the 19th National Trails Symposium in Little Rock, Arkansas. American Trails has created this comprehensive nationwide award program to identify top quality, well-designed multi-use trails systems which are incorporated into private developments.

It is no wonder Lakewood Ranch, Florida was acknowledged as it provides a master planned trails system with more than 150 miles of both paved and nature trails, around 685 acres of conservation land and 132 acres of nature parks that link the neighborhoods. The trails system will eventually connect to the public trails system by way of a regional trail corridor.

Lakewood Ranch’s mix of nature trails, golf, tennis, great schools, hospital, shopping, dining, and commercial opportunities provides something for everyone.. Everything you could possibly dream of is right here in one great community. What’s more, the Lakewood Ranch real estate market also offers something for everyone. Lakewood Ranch houses are listed from the low $ 100,000 range to over a million dollars. For travel convenience, shopping, cultural attractions, entertainment, community amenities along with a number of other factors, Lakewood Ranch, Florida is tough to beat.

If you want to live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida and wish to save money on Lakewood Ranch real estate, then get in touch with Tanya Waxler, Florida Licensed Broker and Owner of uKeepCommission Real Estate, at 941-465-9207 or on the web at

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