Buying Tulum Real Estate “?” The Importance Of The Agent

While Tulum real estate is currently one of the most important areas for opportunities in investment, both in land and condos, it is for this very reason that buyers need to be working with an experienced and qualified Mexico agent.

In the past couple of years, real investment in Tulum has taken a focus on taking advantage of the expected tourism and community growth boom, both closely tied to the appearance of the new international airport, which is currently in the private bidding stage.

Many investors and soon-to-be retirees are buying land, both for building purposes and simply to wait for appreciation to raise the unimproved property value. Other buyers are considering condos, which are currently very well priced, and offer good potential for vacation rentals, being close to the beach, to Tulum’s famous Mayan ruins, and and to the services of the town center.

The municipality has also developed an urban growth plan, to help retain and develop Tulum’s unique small town atmosphere, while allowing for a large amount of new growth.

Tulum real estate is ripe with opportunity. But to know how to best tap into this opportunity, it is important for buyers to work with an agent who is able to help them find a property suitable to their needs within a quickly changing market. Some items to look for in an agent include:

degrees, certificates

training and updates

years of experience in the Tulum market

a community reputation

strong references from past clients

An agent with these qualifications will be able to share very important information with a buyer about Tulum and its real estate market. This information includes:

buying trends

information about the urban development plan

recent updates about the airport

reputation of developers

availability of various developments

In a market such as Tulum, it is important for buyers to have access to this information, and to understand how it pertains their particular purchase. For example, knowing that the urban growth plan includes a commercial or village center area nearby, or that a new highway bypass will be running near a certain land development will help buyers see potential in a particular property. This same information will help buyers understand the pricing differences between different parts of Tulum and the surrounding area.

An agent who has qualifications, and has become familiar with the market through experience will be able to draw buyers attention to both good signs and not-so-good signs, helping to guide the property search.; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; “Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!”
Region: Tulum Real Estate by Hector Moreno has been working in Real Estate in the areas of Tulum, Akumal, Sian Kaan for nearly 6 years. He is a certified realtor and owner/broker of Moreno Realty Associates. 512-879-6546

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