Buying Your First Gulfstream

You just went triple platinum and have been given a tour schedule that puts you in the air 4 days a week.  Or maybe you decided to step down from your position as CEO of a famous software company and travel the world. Perhaps the overseas deal you’ve been working on for the last two years finally signed…whatever your story is the fact that you are looking for a Gulfstream shows your commitment to quality and style.

Gulfstream aircraft are the Ferraris of the small jet arena.  With their dual Rolls-Royce engines and Honeywell avionics system, Gulfstreams packs a power punch.  Each and every model has high cruise altitudes, long range flight capacity, and quality controls that take the edge off piloting in areas of poor visibility. 

These jets are known for their reliability, controls, and superb performance. Gulfstream’s Planeview flight deck has been incorporated into all their cockpits with great reviews from pilots. This upscale avionics system enhances safety by reducing pilot workload, and greatly improves situation awareness. The EVS, or Enhanced Vision System, allows pilots an excellent view of surrounding terrain, runways, taxiways, and runway markings, in both bad weather and at night.

Gulfstream interiors include the widest and tallest cabins of any jet in its class.  Designed from the inside out, Gulfstream is able to provide roomy living areas with luxurious leather divans, couches, and executive chairs.  With satellite Internet and the various options for virtual office (computers, printers, fax machines) the Gulfstream line makes working from the air as easy as working from the office.  Watch movies using their top of the line DVD and LCD combos as you sip martinis made in your own private bar.

Buying your first Gulfstream Jet is as easy as picking out the model and finding a broker to handle the sale.  Businesses like L&L International have a great deal of experience with locating and procuring new or used Gulfstreams for their list of executive clientele.  They will help you decide whether a lease, partial purchase, or business acquisition is best for your needs.  They will provide you with mechanical and electrical appraisals of the aircraft that is necessary for your aircraft to be insured.  They will also help you negotiate the terms of your lease, charter, or purchase with both the lender and the seller. 

While you are dreaming of owning your own luxury jet your broker will do all the necessary footwork to make that happen. 

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