Buying Your First Mobile – Features to Look Out For!

A mobile phone is like a person’s home away from home, and while it is not as expensive as a house, or even a car, the decision to purchase one and the ensuing process can be confusing and time consuming all wrapped into one nice little gift. In the end you will find that you may be pressured, or may just act on impulse in purchasing a mobile phone and that can become one of the biggest mistakes that you will ever make.

When you decide to purchase, or even upgrade an existing mobile phone, you will find that the options are almost endless. You can get just about everything that you would ever want all wrapped up in one nice neat little mobile phone package.

New Features You Should Be On The Look Out For!

Some newer models of mobile phones are beginning to come out with features that really have not been available previously and are beginning to catch on in popularity to the point that they are flying off the shelves and off the internet as fast as they are stocked.

One of those new features happens to be a built in FM Radio. You would be able to listen to everything from the local sports game, to your favorite radio station, or even keep up to date with the news. It also allows you when traveling to check weather reports, or anything else that might happen that could affect your trip. This previously was locked to car radios, Walkman and satellite radio sets. With the resurgence in radio listening and the popularity returning to previous levels, it’s beginning to become a more popular option by the day. Each company is beginning to put its final touches on their phones that include it and are finding their popularity is growing.

Another feature that is becoming more and more popular is the dual home screen. It allows someone to have a home screen for work, and a home screen for leisure/family time. Some people may not understand the point to having the option of two screens, but it allows you to promote the company you work for and look professional, and allowing you to switch to a different set up after work that may not be fully appropriate while on the job.

Shopping In a Store, versus on the Internet?

Shopping in a store can be hectic, and when you really are not very sure what you are looking for, and may not be overly sure about your choices, it may be easier to just shop online. Some people do not feel comfortable asking certain questions related to mobile phones, and the internet is chalk full of the same deals and information you would find in a store, but available in a way that is both easy and simplistic and in the comfort of your own home!

Nokia E71
The Nokia E71 is a monoblock phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has a high quality 320 x 240 pixel QVGA display in up to 16 million colors. A special feature of this phone is that it has two home screens – one for work and the other for leisure. The Nokia E71 has a 3.2 Megapixel camera with digital zoom, autofocus and LED flash, and a secondary camera for video calling. This Quad band phone comes with a battery which allows 4.5 hours of talktime or 17 days on standby. See more on Nokia Mobile Phones.

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