Buying Your First Pair Of Pointe Shoes

If you have been dancing ballet for some time and have become relatively accomplished, then your teacher may have discussed dancing ”en pointe” with you. Dancing ”en pointe” is a major goal in a ballerina’s dance life as it often considered to be the pinnacle of dancing talent, requiring great strength of the legs and feet. The dancer must also have fully achieved the alignment and techniques needed to properly dance ”en pointe”.

What is Dancing ”En Pointe”?

Dancing ”en pointe” refers to the act of dancing ”on the tips of the toes” and is a classical ballet technique. The move is only usually performed by experienced ballerinas who have developed the necessary strength and technique. It takes foot, ankle and knee strength is order to dance ”en-pointe”, but the act is only ever possible while wearing special shoes called pointe shoes.

Pointe Shoes

If you are preparing to dance ”en pointe” for the first time then you will undoubtedly have many questions about which pointe shoes to buy and which brands are worth considering. It is vital that you don’t rush out and buy the first pair of pointe shoes that you see as there are a number of different types and it is important that your pair is perfectly suited to your feet. They are classified in five different ways ranging from pre-pointe level through to professional standard. As you are new to pointe work then you will need to buy a pre-pointe or a beginner shoe, depending on which your teacher feels is more suitable. Pre-pointe shoes are designed to allow the student to become accustomed to the feel of pointe shoes and move away from wearing soft ballet shoes, but are made without shanks. Many teachers bypass pre-pointe shoes altogether and progress to beginner pointe shoes which are designed to provide the dancer with a great deal of support in order to help him or her in gaining foot and ankle strength.

Where Can I Buy Pointe Shoes?

Before buying your new pointe shoes you could fully consult with your teacher about whether you are fully ready to tackle the challenging ballet dance move and if so, which pointe shoe is most suited to you. It might even help to have your teacher present when you decide to go shopping for your new shoes to ensure you make a suitable purchase. You can buy pointe shoes from a huge range of specialist dancewear and high street retailers both in the UK and abroad. It may be wise, however, to shop on the World Wide Web (WWW) for your shoes. This is due to the huge range of retailers’ websites and the thousands of products that the Internet allows you to browse. You are more likely to find a shoe perfect for you, at a price that suits your budget. Remember, it is crucial that your shoes fir perfectly and most online retailers have simple return policies should you need to exchange your shoe for a different size.

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