Buying Your First Radio Controlled Airplanes

There is no doubt that radio controlled airplanes and jets have increased in popularity substantially since they first became commercially available as ready-to-fly models straight out of the box.

Radio controlled airplanes and jets come in some pretty remarkable styles that can be both realistic in respect of audio and visual features, including some superb aero-dynamic designs.

The downside of buying such models is often cost, although there are some reasonably priced ‘trainer’ radio controlled airplanes that make suitable starter models. If you are looking for an advanced model, perhaps to use in air displays, then you will need more skill to fly these. Remember that even a small mistake could cause some serious and expensive damage to your model and potentially harm to someone if you are unable to control its actions.

If you are considering buying radio controlled airplanes or jets, please also consider a training simulator program, some of the models do actually include these as part of the boxed package such as the Art-Tech P-51D Mustang. However, you can pick up cables and software separately as well.

Practice using your simulator, particularly if you are going straight to an advanced model such as a show stopper like the Starmax F-22 Raptor. Radio controlled airplanes can be found in the form of gliders through to bi-planes and the more up-to-date jets.

One thing you are also bound to consider is the fuel source for your model as there are so many of them from glorified elastic bands to gas and fuel. If this is your first model, the electric ones are probably the best option as they are efficient, reliable, require less maintenance, are cleaner and give a quieter flight. It should be remembered however, that the larger the model the higher the cost and by then, it will be time to switch to other power sources.

Flying model radio controlled airplanes or jets is a great hobby both for the casual flier and the dedicated enthusiast. While the smaller cheaper models will get you started, they may not provide the level of control and satisfaction that you may eventually require. Therefore, don’t go for the cheapest radio controlled airplanes you can find, instead, look at the highest spec entry model you can afford.

Sophie suggests that the Art-Tech P-51D Mustang is a good model to begin with as it will allow you to perfect your flying abilities much more than the basic cheap models. Catch more information about radio controlled airplanes and jets at

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