Carpet Buying Tips

Buying new carpet for your home is more than picking out the right color and style, its making an investment in your home. There are many important decisions to make, from understanding the difference between various styles and qualities, to choosing a company that you trust to do the work.

There are literally thousands of carpets to choose from for your home, so how do you know what carpet is right for you? Obviously some of the decision comes down to personal taste. After all, nobody knows what you find beautiful better than you. But how do you know that the carpet you choose is going to continue to look good for years to come? This is where it’s important to find a trained professional who doesn’t just want to make a sale, but honestly wants to help you get the right carpet for your house. They can explain to you what to expect from different styles and why some carpets will perform better then others.

It’s important when choosing your carpet to buy the best carpet that you can afford. That doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive carpet. Many moderate price carpets will out perform more expensive carpets. This is where the trained and caring professional comes in. Remember that in the long run it is cheaper to buy a good carpet than a cheap carpet.

Choosing who you buy from can be as important, if not more important, than the carpet you choose. Is the company interested in your needs or just making the sale? Do they take the time to make sure you are happy with your selection? Do they offer to let you see the samples in your home? Once you make your selection, do they properly measure your house and lay out the job so as to use the least amount of carpet without having too many seams.

And possibly most important of all, is the installation. You could buy the best carpet in the world, but if it’s installed poorly, your house is not going to look good. So it is essential to buy form a company that is well established with an excellent reputation, for these are the people who will be standing behind your carpet purchase not just today, but for years to come.

So remember when choosing new carpet, the best price isn’t always the lowest price. Service, quality and feeling comfortable with your purchase are the most important things. Remember this is an investment in you home. Choose wisely.

Jerald Rosenberg is the third generation owner of Flint Carpet Co in business for over 61 years.

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