Create Your First Realtor Coaching Information Product

Ready to create your first Realtor Coaching Program? Take a system that you use in your career as a Realtor that works exceptionally well. For example your referral program or your closing techniques and then turn it into an informational product that can be created once and used many times over without having to put in your time every time you help a Realtor increase their income. Just create it and leave it. Of course you may be thinking oh sure, create an informational training product that requires no personally attention from me to work, that doesn’t sound easy. The great part is, it is easy you can make an excellent information product as simple as this.

1. Write down how your referral program works.

2. Round up the digital files for any handouts letters, cards you use for it and label them appropriately.

3. Record a little audio talking about the program.

4. Throw up (or hire a website designer) a simple website to purchase the program from and download the text, audio and files for your program from

You have just created an information product for a referral program that has actually been tested and works for you. That’s valuable material to a Realtor that doesn’t have one or is using on that just doesn’t work well, and you have just created a means for a little side income steam, but don’t underestimate it’s potential. I started a coaching program just like this with a financial planner only four years ago and it has now grown to generate an excess of $ 50,000.00 per MONTH. By starting with by sharing just one simple strategy in a way that allows you to leverage your time and build on that over time you are able to eventually create a complete comprehensive training program that practically runs on autopilot. Eventually you may even build it into a semi-retirement plan that allows you the freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want while capitalizing on the skills you have already developed as a successful Realtor.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

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