Dawsonville Real Estate


Dawsonville has always been known for its beautiful homes and prime real estate. If you have been interested in purchasing one of these GA Mountain Homes then now is the time to make your move. There are a massive amount of North Ga Foreclosures on the market and many are at rock bottom prices. That makes Dawsonville Foreclosures a fantastic investment but there are a few things that you should know before investing:

· Do not try to go it alone. Contract a realtor to help you make the purchase because you may need their expertise. Foreclosures across the country as well as North Ga Foreclosures have been having trouble with their chain of ownership. It was caused by the “Robo-Signer Scandel”. To correctly record property ownership you have to register the transaction with the clerk in the local government where the transaction took place. That was too slow for some financial institutions and they started to transfer the ownership digitally without recording it locally. Then they would have a robo-signer to rubber stamp the transaction certifying that everything was correct. The problem is that the robo-signers were doing hundreds of these per day and were not verifying any of the details. In some cases that left Dawsonville Foreclosures with multiple owners. An experienced Realtor can help you to navigate the red tape and fully research any North Ga Foreclosures that you are interested in

· Take extra time during your on site survey. In a lot of foreclosure cases the prior residents are angry about having to leave. So they will go out of their way to damage the property and sometimes it will be hard to spot. Have a realtor or contractor do the walkthrough with you and look for any damage. In many cases the damage can be used to further lower the price on the Dawsonville Foreclosure which can result in a deep discount for you. Especially since labor costs are at an all time low. Hiring a contractor to fix the damage will not be a problem.

· Dawsonville Foreclosures are not limited to houses. Land lots are a great investment if you can get them at foreclosure prices. A lot of people are buying the land and then taking advantage of the low labor costs to have a contractor custom build their home. Many times you will find that you can buy the land and have the house custom built for less than the price of buying a pre-built home.





Article was written by Debbie with Click Ready Marketing, an Atlanta SEO Company on behalf of Mountain Ridge Realty.  For more information on Dawsonville Real Estate, visit http://mountainridgerealtyga.com.

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