Decorating Your First Home

Moving out is a huge step in your life. When you first find a home of your own, you are making a commitment to live a responsible adult life. You assume new financial burdens, but you also receive a whole new element of freedom in your life. When you first move out, you will have to start from scratch as you decorate your first home. Follow these simple tips to decorate your first home in a style that will last for years to come.

First, take some time to browse through magazines to find some new ideas. Cut out pictures of designs you like. Make a file folder of everything you love to give you inspiration. Even if something looks too extravagant or expensive for your space, you could downplay the drama and use the concept. Look for pictures that include paint colors, furniture, rugs, curtains, and accessories that you love.

After you have some ideas in place, begin by choosing one piece that you love. Area rugs are great place to begin decorating, especially when you’ve never decorated a room before. Measure your room to figure out how large your rug should be. Then go pick out a design that matches the styles you loved in the magazines. You don’t have to go with something traditional or neutral. Try a bold color or an interesting print. Make sure you choose a soft area rug that is made with excellent quality. Only purchase a rug that will hold up over the course of several years.

Next, choose your paint colors. You should choose a paint color that compliments your rug. Keep in mind that lighter colors make a room look larger, while dark colors can make a space seem to shrink. If you have a small room, but love a bold, daring color, you can still use it. Just paint one wall in the dark color and paint the other walls a complementary neutral color.

You should also play around with your furniture arrangement to allow for maximum floor space. Don’t put so much furniture into your home that it feels crowded. Instead, choose pieces that will hold up over time and serve multiple functions. Look for great pieces such as storage ottomans or couches with room for storage underneath.

Finally, choose some beautiful pieces of art to hang on your walls. Coordinate wall hangings with the colors in your rug. Choose pieces with colors that will accent your focal point. You can also pick up some of your accent colors through accessories such as candles, decorative pillows, and picture frames. Make sure you add some personal photos of loved ones to make your new house feel like a home. Add lots of soft textures, through linen window treatments, cozy blankets, and plush area rugs.

If you follow these decorating tips, your new house will soon become to feel like the home you’ve always wanted. You will have a nicely decorated place to develop in your new responsibilities. It will also be the perfect place to have a great party.

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