Five Steps to Buying a Computer

If it’s your first time buying a computer and stepping onto the computer field, finding a new upgrade from your old one, or just want another PC then this guide is great for you! Many people see buying a new piece of technology they have no knowledge about scary, especially a computer. There are so many things to take into consideration! When first heading into a PC store down the street you may get completely confusing terms by a salesperson. How much ram do you need? How much hard drive space? How fast do you need the processor to be? Do you want a good video card?

With all these questions one must wonder if they are getting what they need. Is this guy telling the truth? Or is he selling me a piece of garbage and I don’t know the wiser. For starters, the more informed you are the better decisions you can make on your purchase. Follow these steps to prevent making the mistake of buying the wrong computer.

Make a decision on what your computer is going to do. Figuring out what purpose your computer is going to be used for will help you eliminate other ones with extra functions that you do not necessarily need and will cost you more money. Will you be using this computer for E-mail? Internet Browsing? Games? Homework? Work? Music/Videos? Computers can do all these things and much, much, more. So deciding what your computer needs to do is extremely important.
Find the proper software that can accomplish your needs. Find out what software you want to help you do your homework, such as Microsoft word, excel etc. Although many people may get confused why software first? You must find out what requirements the software has to run on the system. With proper research you can find out what specifications your computer needs.
Find the computer that can run your software. Make sure that the computers hardware spec’s are fast enough and meet the needs to run a program properly. If your going to play games on your computer then you are going to need a more high end machine but if all you are doing on is browsing the Internet a less costly PC can be purchased.
Find a PC with good customer support and a warranty. Many computers, especially used ones do not offer any support or a long warranty! What if you can’t figure out how to stop to get a program to run? What if your PC all of a sudden will not turn on? With no service you are left to figure it out yourself causing unneeded headaches.
Buy your new computer. If you took all the proper precautions, don’t sit around and hesitate to buy the computer. You researched properly! Buy the computer don’t worry it will be fine.

With this information you should be able to avoid scams, tricks, and misinformation from sellers.

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