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All of us are in search of the perfect home for us and our family. But getting the home of your dream is not easy in today’s competitive market. There is major problems that house buyers and buyers face, especially first-time buyers. Information or the lack of it causes many a problem for the prospective buyer. Accurate information is not always forthcoming from the house seller or the estate agent. There is always a tendency to overplay things and hide the drawbacks of a house or a property. For the buyer, who wants a perfect home, it becomes doubly difficult to know the details about the house before he or she makes the purchase.

Home information packs (HIP) is the solution to all these problems. This is a legal document that contains all the details about the house, the property that you want to know before you actually pay for it. Since a house is a major investment, it is imperative that you make it a point to check the HIP of the relevant house. This also cuts down on your excess expenditure because then you do not have to check individual houses and rooms, which take considerable, amount of time. You may have to taker days off from your busy work schedule to look into each single house or property enlisted on the market. It is not only the waste of time but also of money and energy. There is another basic problem. More often than not you are not the best judge of a house or property. You may not have the technical expertise and experience to find you the inherent faults of a house that looks brilliant from the outside. All these issues can be resolved by the use of a HIP document.

As a matter of fact each single property and house placed on the market in England and Wales must have a valid HIP document. It is impossible to sell your property/house without this certification. No prospective buyer would be interested in your property and most estate agents would prefer to wait for the HIP before finalising on anything. In this respect, the Hip also helps the sellers as much as the buyers. The HIP documentations provides the house owner with confidence because it means that the house or estate is authentic and without any negatives. They can actually get better rates for their estate/house by having their HIP with them.

So what does a HIP document include? This document includes various essential information about the property or the house. For example, it has the evidence of title deeds, the sale document, the ownership rights, and the exact measurement of the premise, the market cost of the property or house, Energy Performance Certificate, legal documents and the carbon efficiency of the estate. These details create an overall image of the property – for both the buyer to appreciate and the seller to market.

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