How To Buy Your First Suit

You need a suit for the first time in your life. Jeans and t-shirts have been standard attire before, but now, you must have a suit for a new job, an event, or just because you don’t want to look like a bum when you take the refined young lady out to the nicest restaurant is town. How do you go about it? First of all, do not take your Dad with you to the suit store. He will dress you like a Ken doll from the nineteen fifties and you will end up looking like a baboon. Remember all those horrible ties you gave him on Father’s Day? – well this would be his chance to get even. Don’t do it.

Do not take your girlfriend with you either, because she may suddenly be more attracted to the well-dressed gentlemen in the men’s store than she is to you and forget all about you. Don’t go when you feel hungry, tired or you don’t have enough time to both enjoy the process and also get the most out of it. Do look at current fashion magazines, that are for young men, and get a feel for the styles of suits that are popular and the ones you think might look good on you.

But, let’s face reality. If you are 5’2″ 180 lbs. with more pimples than dimples you are never going to look like Brad Pitt does in a suit. That does not mean that everything is hopeless. Quite the contrary. A well-fitted suit, in a contemporary style, makes almost every man look better when compared to wearing ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt. You just have to put the whole picture in perspective. Go to an upscale men’s store, but one that you can also afford. If you are not sure you can afford it, make a preliminary visit in your worst jeans, and browse the price tags.

Ask about the prices of everything, If the sales people are arrogant and act like they want to throw you out of the store, just have a little laugh, when you know you will come back next week and become an actual customer and may even be their customer for life! If the prices are out of your ballpark, don’t come back of course and keep looking for the store that has good quality suits for affordable prices.

Enjoy the process of shopping (not buying) for a suit. Believe it or not, this is what females think of as “fun.” They have no hesitation in going to umpteen shops in the mall, trying on a hundred items and leaving without making a purchase. They feel this is their entitlement. Guys hardly ever do this, but give yourself the freedom to explore.

The most important thing of all, when you buy your suit is making sure it fits properly. On rare occasion, you take the perfect suit off the rack, try it on, and voila! – it fits like it was made for you. More likely, is that it fits somewhat OK, but needs to be taken in here or there or let out in different parts to make it fit properly, so be sure to go to a store that can handle that extra work of tailoring the suit to fit you properly.

Hendrik really likes to write about mens fashion. He is not only a writer about mens style but also the founder of online retailer a store for Mens Ties. There is also a Mens Suit Buying Guide.

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