Important Things You Must Know When Buying a Teen’s First Car

Buying a teen’s first car can be a moment that’s filled with a lot of emotions. If you’re the parent you’re nervous, possibly stressed. If you’re the kid well it’s the exact opposite. No longer are they your little tyke you let sit on your lap pretending to drive; nope they have a real and legit driver’s license, and they are ready to hit the road, full throttle. Sure what parent is not going to be a little nervous about this.

But there is also stress and worry like I said earlier. Young adults, more specifically teenagers, have a knack for lacking in the responsibility department. So now when they have their own vehicle, naturally you are going to stress out. As a parent, you are going to constantly be thinking about their safety, do they have on their seat belt, what are they doing, where are they at.

It is a given that safety is the first thing that’s on your mind and it should be. So when it’s time to make that purchase for them, you want to get the safest vehicle possible. That means you need to be going in with the habits and mannerisms of a young adult in mind. Make sure you look for a car that does not have too much power, but rather an engine that is both substantial and reliable. Getting a vehicle that’s made for the fast and furious will be like giving a pyro-maniac a match, you will be playing with fire!

There are plenty of shiny things that may make you believe a vehicle is safe, when it’s actually not. For instance, bigger does not always mean safer. An SUV may seem safer and even make you feel that way, but research and numerous studies have shown that they are not comparable to smaller cars when it comes to safety. Also SUV’s are gas guzzlers and with this economy, smaller is better when it comes to cars. Obviously, they use less fuel than SUVs, meaning more money in your pocket.

Now, you should let them have some input in the purchasing process, yes, even if you are paying for it, which is most likely the case. The reason being, for future purchases themselves and for their future kids, they need to understand how to negotiate for a good deal. This is great for them to get their feet wet and learn the ins and outs, dos and dont’s, and overall it will be great experience for them to have. It will also heighten their sense of ownership, which will give them a good first auto experience.

Next up is insurance. No young adult should be on the road without it. Insurance for young adults is the highest, and this is another reason for making their first purchase something smaller and not too expensive, cheap is ok. Knowing that young adults are rough on anything and that fact that insurance is outrageously expensive for them, it may even be a good idea to make their first purchase something that needs minimal insurance, like a used vehicle that is both safe and small. Hey that doesn’t mean ugly and unreliable, just better for your wallet!

Stress is going to be a natural part of this process. But buying a teen’s first car does not have to be as stressful, as long as you remember that you are in control. Go into the situation knowing exactly what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay, and everything will turn out just fine. Also, knowing that most young adults are just happy with having a vehicle and not having to take public transportation or ask you for a ride helps as well!

If you are ready to buy your teens first car, or even your own, then you don’t want to go into the situation unprepared. You want and need the insider’s edge on your next car purchase. Get inside the dealer’s playbook of persuasion with these car buying tips from Taking The House Edge.
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