Increasing Your Real Estate Profits With Attraction Marketing

The troubled economic times we are in now has caused a down turn in profitability in the real estate market. More houses are for sale with fewer qualified buyers. Many of these houses are being marketed at a significant price reduction to try and move them. There are much stricter lending policies in place reducing the number of qualified buyers.

How can YOU have these qualified buyers come looking for you instead of the other realtors in your market?

Attraction Marketing

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is a system of bringing people to you without actively seeking them out. Now instead of you clamoring for that next hot lead or waiting by the phone for someone to call that might want to list their house– they seek you out.

You’ve become the hunted instead of the hunter. So how do you get people to seek you out over all the other realtors in your market?

Give away free information to brand yourself as an expert. Teach people how to make their property more attractive to a buyer than their neighbors place. Write a paper or newsletter on what color choices sell homes. How much money can I expect to make back on certain remodeling jobs, What are the newest trends in Kitchens or Bathrooms? Why offering a home warranty is a good selling point. The choices for articles and newsletter topics are endless.

Give away free information for the simple cost of their name and e-mail address. If the customer is getting real, valuable information from you, where do you think their allegiance is going to be when they need a new house? If you have clued them in on which color to paint their front porch for the biggest return whom do you think they are going to list their house with?

A simple newsletter to your contact list of clients- Buyers or sellers goes a long way to keeping you in their mind. One of the best systems in the market today is Magnetic sponsoring. It was written and lived by Mike Dillard. He started as a waiter at P.F Changs and now does only what he wishes to do. The system was designed to help people in network Marketing but the lessons and methods can just as easily be transferred into real estate.

Attraction Marketing works!! For more information on Attraction Marketing and Magnetic Sponsoring please follow the link below.

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