Information About First-aid:

In human life injury can happen any time and can change a life easily. So your safety always comes first to you. You have to safe and risk less yourself. Every injury needs a primary treatment and for this reason you should aware about the first aid.
First aid is an immediate action or care given to a person who has been injured just now. It is a home care, if medical assurance is not available when you want immediately. Every day first aid is necessary in home to safe primary injuries.
There you have to put some idea about some protective medicine. It also needs to strong mind yourself, well work and willingness for helping others injured person. Be careful and think with common sense about it. There need to know what not to do and what to do. The first aider deals with the whole situation and he should put all his awareness because his knowledge will give the injure person life or death. He/ she can predict between temporary and permanent disability and rapid recovery and long hospitalization.
You have to much careful about yourself if you want to help others as a first aider because there is chance to make yourself ill for some injury or disease by the injured person. If you are able to protect yourself then you can advice others in a right way. If you have some right idea about first aid you will able to give first aid which is needed for different type of injury.
General information for first aid:
In this stage you will meet various types of problems, but firstly you have to put attention on it. There is must needed to take a good decision for the whole circumstances and the number of the victims. Never forget that your action prevent the illness or spread it widely.
Some time immediate action is needed to save one or more lives, take any action very carefully and there have no need to rush, effort on the prompt rescue.
First aid is the process of action from first aider to relief someone from his/ her pain. Some time first aider falls in confusion to set the priority for those victims who are more injured in same time. If there are multiple injures comes in several persons, there you have need to set the importance of the injury and fixed the time priority. Control the bleeding of the injuries; do not move the victim unless it is necessary for safety reason. You have to protect the victim from the unnecessary treatment and disturbance. Determine about the injury or the reason of sudden illness. Carry out the indicated first aid.
Awareness of First-Aid:
You have to very careful when you will give first aid someone for some disease. There is necessary to be aware the first aider. Very often you have to treat on those diseases which are increase very quickly in mass number of people. If you don”t be aware, poison will spread in yourself. There you should maintain some matter for your health”..
1.Always cover your nose and mouth when you are going to treat some victims.
2.Cover your hand with handclaps.
3.Wash your hand after operates them.
4.Use separate tools for separate person.
5.Notice the expiry date of medicine.
6.Cover the injure place with clean cloths.
7.Wash those wounded place with plain water.
8.Choose proper treatment in proper disease.
For taking any stapes for giving someone primary treatment first aider needs more information about the right process of first aid. You may get more information from website. You may get informative information from some blogs like”..

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