Information About Timeshare Rentals

Choosing a Timeshare Property

Many timeshare resorts and properties are available for you to select. It is totally possible for you to find a property which satisfies you at the first sight. Yet, if this is the first time you have entered the market of timeshare, renting is a good choice, if you do not know where you want your home resort to be in. After understanding the timeshare vacation lifestyle, it is now suitable for you to select the right resort.


Rent or Buy?

A timeshare rental will allow you to try the property out first – before you buy. The advantages of a timeshare rental instead of a purchase are like renting a house or apartment; you will have no maintenance fees, no major contracts and no obligations and, you may just be able to find a rental at a great price!


Location, Location, Location

The downside of timeshare rental is generally the cost and availability. You will have to start looking for your rental months in advance if you have a specific location in mind, especially in season. You will of course have to do this every year. Quality luxury villas in season may run as high as $ 300.00 per night plus. That being said, renting or test driving a timeshare before you purchase is the smart way to go. You will have a much better idea of where you would like to own and may have even decided on a specific timeshare resort based upon it fitting your needs. For example: one that offers the most value for the money together with maximum flexibility, might be something that you are looking for.


Renting your Timeshare

If you are currently a timeshare owner, the ability to rent out your timeshare is an attractive option if you are not able to use it for some reason. For the price you are able to rent your timeshare for, you are usually able to cover the maintenance and possibly a portion beyond that amount. Due to the advent of the internet, posting an advertisement for a timeshare rental is a fairly simple process and the timeshare rentals historically are snapped up by people looking for affordable vacation accommodations.


Secure Payment when Renting

Keep in mind; if you are an owner and you need to rent out your timeshare and want to post information about your timeshare rental, you will have to do it several months in advance of the rental period. Since you will most likely be dealing with someone that is renting your timeshare that lives in another city, receiving the funds in a certified check, money order or using a service on the internet like Pay Pal where you can get proof of secure payment is recommended. If you are dealing with a reputable timeshare rental service, they will handle this for you.


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