Information and Advice For Home Buyers

Before a landlord proceeds with sale, he has to have a HIP, at least 3 months before sale of property. Home information pack was first introduced in 2007, to enhance the property transaction process. Later in 2008, certain modifications were made, such as an introduction of a new concept called Property information Questionnaire(PIQ). This will summarise the information about your property, and helps buyers make an informed decision. Based on this, he will decide on whether to visit the property or buy it.

Any home buyer should first look at the HIP of a landlord. It consists of Home information pack index, proof of title, standard searches, local authority searches, sales deed, legal summary, home condition reports, content forms. Such information will make the buyers aware of the problems even before he decides to buy it. If they get to know later, the price will be renegotiated and it would take a lot of time to sell it. As a buyer you find all the information related to the house, a piece of advice to all home buyers, is to check the Home information pack thoroughly before purchasing it. The potential rating of the Energy Performance certificate will take these factors into account, and the suggested measures will be tailored so that they are realistic for the particular building. EPC offers a rating of the house to determine its energy efficiency and also makes recommendation on how to improve your energy efficiency and reduce carbon di oxide and fuel emissions.

There are separate documents for freehold property and leasehold property. In case of a freehold property, its should have Sales deed or statement, Standard searches, Home Information pack index, property information questionnaire(PIQ), EPC, an energy performance certificate and sustainability information, evidence of title. In case of a leasehold property, a copy of the lead and every thing else that is present in the freehold property is also included. The seller needs to provide evidence that an agreement has been made to provide the documents as soon as practicable and within 28 days, except in exceptional circumstances. Reach out to information and advice for home buyers.

Kirthy Shetty, Platinum author,

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