Laptop Buying Guide?

Laptops have redefined the concept of computing. They have brought into reality, the seemingly impossible dream of mobile computing. Before the emergence of laptops, computing was limited to workstations and desktops and the idea of portable computing seemed unrealistic. Thanks to the creation of laptops, computer users could switch from desktops to laptops, thus achieving mobile computing, portability and ease of use.

I am sure, many of you would like to buy a laptop and I know some of you would want to know about the ideal laptop configuration. Well, there is no ‘ideal configuration’ as such. All of it depends on your requirements and kind of use. And if you are still considering buying a desktop as an option to laptop buying, I am afraid, you are on the wrong track. No, you do not need to abandon the use of your good old desktops. It is not that they are useless. But, the portability offered by a laptop is incomparable. The modern-day laptops are small in size and weigh less that 2kgs. They use wireless computing technologies. Moreover, they are loaded with all the features that desktops offer and give you an enriched computing experience.

Before you purchase a laptop, you must consider your usage requirements. If you are a computer game-buff, you should look for gaming and multimedia features in a laptop. Make sure that the laptop has a dedicated graphics card and multimedia capabilities. If you are a serious gamer, you should also know that laptops made for gaming purposes generally come in 15 or 17 inch screens. They often prove to be expensive as their batteries drain faster compared to other laptops. If your laptop is going to be used largely for entertainment purposes or for photo and video editing applications, make sure the piece you choose has a large hard disk space and sufficient RAM.

If you are on a tight budget, it is best to go for low-end laptops. Students, who aim at a minimal use of laptops should mainly look for basic features like web surfing and word processing. Cheap notebook computers are the best options for housewives and home users, as also for beginners.

If you need to travel frequently, portability in computing should be your top priority. In that case, it is best to go for an ultra-portable laptop that is fairly small in size and light in weight. A further reduction in weight can be achieved through the use of external DVD drives over inbuilt ones. You should opt for a smaller screen. It is advisable to choose a spill-resistant keyboard and shock-resistant hard drives. True, thin and lightweight laptops are relatively weaker in performance than other laptops. But, you need to balance your needs and find a trade-off between the ‘ideal’ and the ‘possible’.

Tips for Buying Laptops

* In general, it is important to check the battery life of the laptop before buying it. It is advisable to go for a Lithium battery with a high voltage and avoid NiMH batteries, as they need to be replaced frequently.
* Make sure that the laptop you choose to buy has two or more USB ports. The ports enable you to attach printers, digital cameras and other peripheral devices to your laptop. Also, check if the laptop you wish to buy is equipped with a CD or DVD drive and DVD writer, if you plan to use it for multimedia purposes.
* A laptop with a hard drive of 40 gigabytes is considered as being sufficient for an average use. If you plan to use the laptop for multimedia or database applications, bigger hard drives are recommended.
* The choice of the screen size depends on the kind of usage. If a small laptop size is your first preference, you should go for a 12-14 inch computer screen. On the other hand, if gaming and multimedia is you primary need, it is best to choose a 17-inch screen.
* Before you make the final deal, make sure you obtain a warranty card from your laptop seller. Every laptop comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and may also have an extended warranty, covering accidents causing damage to your laptop.

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