• Borup Rode posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Most people struggle to find reliable source of online income. Those people usually go through all different types of MLM schemes, they try affiliate marketing and many other ways to earn money online. The truth is that the easiest way to earn money constantly each month is right under their nose. I’m talking about Google AdSense.
    Basically, to start with AdSense you don’t need any investments. Everything depends on your consistency and on your work. Here are basics steps that are absolutely necessary to start with AdSense:

    Step #1: Get website or blog
    Create a blog or a website. It is highly advised to buy web hosting and a domain. It’s safer than using free domains or free blogs. But if you are a complete newbie, then I advice to try out Blogger or WordPress. Between those two, Blogger is more newbie-friendly and makes you able to easily set up ads by using modules. The only downside is that you can’t personalize your blog. WordPress free blog is a bit more advanced so you will need to take some time to master every function. But if you have enough time, then take that route.
    It shouldn’t take you more than one hour to set up free blog.
    Step #2: Placing ads
    After you’ve set up your blog, it’s time to place ads. I did some testing and I’ve found out following facts. Blending your ads gives you the best results. You actually want you readers to click on ads without knowing that.
    Second. create more content and put less ads. That works as well – I don’t know why, but it works better than having a lot ads. I assume it has something to do with site looking unnatural.
    Third and maybe the most important – put your ads above content. It’s been proven numerous times that ads above content provide the best results.