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    "And here – last longer tool went into motion and the last commissure bolted; – drilling tools were ready for their long journey deep into the earth. It was a great moment, similar to the ship when the descent to the sea – or to the oath of the first president of the republic. " Upton Sinclair, "Nafta", trans. Antonina Sokolicz "There Will Be Blood" by Paul Thomas Anderson is a perfect film machine, that design seems to imitate the giant oil wells – climbs up high, stuck at the same time deep underground, as if trying to encompass and heaven and hell – this epic monster created to ask us pain.

    Raw images (Robert Elswit) and cold, heavy music (Jon Brion, Jonny Greenwood) squeeze into the brain as drilling tools, the game Daniel Day-Lewis is as powerful geyser of oil, once dark and impenetrable, and after a while suddenly explode flame. Day-Lewis portrayed the oil industrialist Daniel Plainview, a single father traveling with his son in search of precious deposits. Smartness, intelligence and sophistication combined with exceptional allow him happiness in a short time is incredibly rich. The farm belonging to a poor family Sundayów encounters a real ocean of oil. To paraphrase Sinclair, based on the novel which was based "There Will Be Blood" (it should be noted that the film differs from the book in a way that even avoid any identification with the literary prototype), begins not so much "a long journey into the depths of the earth," Unless the journey in into the soul of the main character. Daniel Plainview is a loner by choice, economical gestures and facial expressions seem harsh only intensify his misanthropy. People do not like. Sam admits at every step, if not directly, then through their actions with the development of increasingly rubbing against pathology deeds. Daniel Plainview grows before our eyes, is a giant, it seems to absorb all personnel. Daniel Day-Lewis not only infects the viewer, he devours it piece by piece (although I must admit that there is something in this form, some crack, which does not give faith to the end). To combat the powerful industrialist becomes charismatic Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), having a local preacher as a prophet, a guru of the Church of the Third Revelation.

     Who really is Eli? Rural haunted fool? Talented showman? Cynical businessman? These questions we ask ourselves during the movie. One thing is certain – Paul Dano had fulfilled its responsibility. Eli is worthy of his attention and repulsive at the same time. He wakes grief, sorrow, anger.

    But the whole movie is not Anderson’s epic image of anger and despair? I felt as if for nearly three hours viewed cry to heaven for vengeance, which corresponds to a terrible silence.

    Illustrated impersonal silence a cacophony of sounds. "There Will Be Blood" is the story of a man struggling with himself, a man of nature, a man of religion, a man with another man. The fight is so hopeless, and that the main character in the person of Daniel Pleinview and nature depicted barren land of Texas and religion represented by the Church of the Third Revelation seem equally exist without God. Encompassing emptiness and despair are revealed as much during the macabre, grotesque as final. Only the scene, accompanied by cheerful, klezmer muzyczka what you do not want to accept what the viewer does not agree, but I must agree – and it is our consent to such and not the other end of the story can best identify with painfully ambiguous message of the film ..