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    The screenplay Gillespie is one of the most original, which was established in 2007. History Lars (Gosling) is moving and gives a lot to think about. However, this is a low budget movie, and is little known by a wider audience. I myself came across this picture just because I’m a fan of the game Ryan Gosling. Young man Lars (Gosling great) is a quiet and calm guy.

    waking conscience

    Posadka has a warm and lives in a small house next to the home of his brother (Schneider). It is considered to be a strange person, because of his contacts with people are rather limited by his unusual personality. Lars does not have a wife, or even a girl. It seems that he was ashamed to closer contacts with the opposite sex. One day, Lars announces that he is in love. How great is the surprise of his family, when he brings in for dinner … a doll of human size. The scenario is based on the relationship between the doll and the main character. Lars falls in love with her, because just when it could really open. All around, and even the closest family think him crazy. Sam viewer think so too, and in the best case it considers it a joke.

    I do not count myself in this group, because from the start I believed in the truth of that feeling. It seems to me that in order to really understand the movie, you need to be an understanding man. During the session, I met with some laughter and attitude rather despising this production. More than this you have to be mature, to understand the hidden meaning in this film. In my opinion doll Lars gave such a feeling, because he could not do that with a normal person. His behavior does not seem so silly. Created for himself an ideal partner, so what should be, if he lived.

    The film is based entirely on the game Gosling. With this role comes out victorious once again. His Lars is sympathetic, intelligent and shy. It is not a typical loser who lacks the fifth staves.

    In the game you can not see anything artificial. I fell into the role perfectly, and the task was not easy. Play with something that is made of plastic, it is not easy. "Lars …" is a film enjoyable, but it really has a different job. He wants to show us a man rejected by "their". It is rather a psychological picture, which treats everyone differently.

    Sometimes you can have a laugh, but that guy is in love with an artificial doll. Humor is limited to a minimum, but it is highly intelligent. The image is very well directed and keeps your level to the end.

    Actors do not fail. Subtle music makes this is not just any movie about just anything. It should show him a little younger viewers, so they can learn tolerance and acceptance of people who sometimes get lost in this world of ours ..