Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Your First Guitar

Buying your very first guitar can be a thrilling experience. As you make your way to the music store in anticipation of your new purchase, you begin to dream about the new adventure you are about to embark upon. Visions of being the next rising star begin filling your mind. You can just see yourself standing in the spotlight with thousands of fans cheering you on as you play their favorite songs.

Buy the time you enter into the store your adrenaline is surging through your body, as you await the ecstasy of holding that new glistening guitar in you hands. I know how you feel. In fact I remember it like it was yesterday. I commend you on your decision to step out and begin this fantastic journey. But before you step into that music store, I have some advice I would like to share with you that will save you time, heartache, and even some money. You see there are 4 common mistakes many make when buying their first guitar and I want to help you to avoid making them.

Don’t buy the first guitar you pick up. Play several different models. Remember, every instrument is different. Find one that not only looks and sounds good, but one that feels good in your hands. Make sure all the strings ring out with no buzzing. Also shop around. Prices will vary from store to store.

Don’t let the sales person pressure you into buying something you don’t want. Remember most sales people work on commission. They want you to buy a high dollar item. So, go in knowing what you want to spend and don’t spend anymore than that. Do your homework. Know what the guitar is selling for before you go into the store.

Don’t buy all the extras. Again some sales people will try to get add on sales to up their commission. Hey they are trying to make a living. But, when you are just starting out you don’t need a lot of extras. Besides the guitar, a cheap tuner, some picks and a strap are really all you need. Now if you are buying an electric guitar you will also need a cable and a small practice amp. That is really all you need to get started playing with the exception of the item below.

Do buy a case, preferably a hard shell case. This is a huge mistake many make, not buying a hard case. You want you new purchase to be protected when you are not playing, storing or even traveling with you guitar. Don’t be cheap here. Now you don’t have to buy a top of the line case, but do get one that will protect you guitar if something were to fall or it or you were to drop it. Case in point, I once saw a luggage handler at an airport in Chicago toss my guitar case onto the luggage cart. The worst of it was that his aim was bad and my guitar landed on the concrete next to the cart. Luckily I have a good travel case other wise my instrument would have been damaged. The moral of the story, buy a good case.

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Jim Williams

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