Mount Pleasant Real Estate

The real estate offerings in the area of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina have gradually boomed as one of the most happening and most in demand.  It is not only the verdant and temperate climate that is so inviting about this place, it is also the historical old world charms of the city that draws many a people to settle down or buy vacation homes here.

The traditional Southern charm coupled with the beautifully set up homes and colonies by the real estate developers have made the Mount Pleasant real estate market a flourishing one. Some of the stately homes of this region which are now on sale as old properties have been adorning the area since the beginning of the Civil War. For those who want it all new and chic, for those modern home seekers too, Mt. Pleasant is all set to please with its innovative built homes.

Just a few 15 years back, the Mount Pleasant area was almost unknown and the price, with which you can settle for a home here, just proves that. The residences dotting the area are plentiful and the best thing about them is, these properties come comparatively cheap. In fact, a home in the same area some 20 years ago would have cost you anything around $ 80,000 on an average. Today, though the average rate has shot up to something around $ 250,000, it still remains much cheaper when compared to homes elsewhere. The housing projects here are doing remarkably good and there is a home to fit every budget.

So what are the factors that have contributed to the growth of the housing economy here? The factors can be summed as follows:

· Temperate climate

· Nearness of the beaches

· Strong job market

· Affordable living

Thus, Mount Pleasant has already become a popular destination, be it for the retirees who want to spend the rest of their remaining years here or the families and business people who come here for a brighter future.

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