Obama’s First Time Home Buyer Stimulus Plan – A Breath of Fresh Air For Home Buyers?

Now comes Obama’s first time home stimulus plan with it’s promise of an excellent opportunity for first time homeowners to have a piece of the American pie. This plan is seen by many as a way to stimulate the housing industry and bring the economic status of America back to it’s former glory.

The economic plan was just enacted by our President of the United States, to give a first time qualified homeowner a firm toe hold to obtain that all American dream home, complete with the proverbial white picket fence. This plan gives them an 8,000-dollar tax credit that will boost the housing market, stimulate jobs and the economy and create a peace like sense of security for the homeowners. However, one has to wonder and ask themselves if this plan will indeed do the exact thing that the president has predicted it would do.

In the high hopes that Obama’ economic and housing plan will eventually pave the road to a better economy, for the whole of America, many people are hoping that they qualify for this plan. This increase of the availability of housing to those who would otherwise never be able to own a house in the face of such a failing recession, may just be that golden ticket.

This stimulus plan exceeds the previous $ 7,500 stimulus plan and only time will tell if it indeed will surpass the expectations of these targeted first time homeowners. The potential of this home stimulus plan earmarks the first of many breaths of fresh air that will breathe life back into the economy and provide many people a new start in life.

As Americans look forward to Obama’s first time home stimulus plan, many others are wondering how it will affect local economy, businesses and the job industry. With the recession leaving many people searching for ways to buy the few necessities of life itself, and jobs vanishing in thin air, this first time home stimulus plan seems to be a life line to their drowning communities.

Many see this plan as not only a help to first time homeowners but a stimulus plan that proceed to be the first step in the revitalization of their communities that have since suffered in many housing foreclosures. Only time will tell if Obama has finally found the way to prove himself to the American people.

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