Obama’s First Time Home Buyer Stimulus Plan – Should You Welcome It?

Many Americans waited patiently for, and was watching for Obama’s first time home stimulus plan to emerge. Now that it is here, all eyes are watching the housing industry like a hawk. This includes, real estate companies, big lenders, politicians on both sides, and of course, the potential receivers of this plan.

As detailed by his now enacted law, Obama has made the way, for first time homeowners, an eight thousand tax credit in helping them reduce the burden in the purchase of their homes. Obama has set aside this stimulus money in the hope to draw some relief for the housing market, which has suffered greatly in the recent recession. This stimulus plan seems aimed at kick starting the failing economy, which so badly needs that kick in its rear.

This first time home stimulus plan has undeniable benefits for those first time homeowners who were unsuccessful in their past bids to buy a single family home. This economic stimulus plan has left the real estate industry scrambling back to their calculators to estimate the windfall that will be soon coming their way.

This potential boom in the housing market will also benefit local businesses that have suffered with the loss of business due to the multiple housing foreclosures in their townships. Many people are optimistic in their hopes that this plan will somehow rise up the economy once again bringing financial prosperity back into their communities. With these thoughts in their minds and their eyes on the stimulus plan, most Americans are for once, almost placid with their fears, in the face of the recession.

One has to wonder why Middle America has not thought of the possibility of this stimulus plan of Obama’s having an adverse affect on the housing market. These first time homeowners, that until recently could not afford even the thoughts of owning a home, now have that opportunity.

What is in store for these first time homeowners when the mortgage companies decide to ante up their mortgages? What happens in the aftermath of floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters that will leave these new homeowners at the whim of insurance companies, remodeling costs and requesting bank loans to finance the rebuilding of these homes? If the American people are watching this stimulus plan go into affect, they should also be watching out for the mishaps that always seem to plaque homeowners.

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