Offering Unexpected Guarantees in Your Real Estate Agent Coaching Business

We have all invested in a product and probably even a coaching or instructional program at one time and were let down. Just like an innocent child, at that moment we lost a little trust in the other options on the market and overtime likely matured into a slightly skeptical consumer. If you want to earn the trust of new clients easily you have to show them a few things.

#1 You are willing to take a risk too.
#2 You believe in your products and services.
#3 Your ultimate goal is not only to make a profit, but also to help.

One way to go about this is by making bold guarantees and standing behind them. Of course, with these bold guarantees comes the risk that in fact you could be the one who is burned or taken advantage of, but in fact you will find that often the more bold the claim and the stronger it is enforced the less often it is actually used.

#1 Unlimited guarantees.
The longer the product is guaranteed for the less likely it is to be returned. What? I know, it sounds backwards, but think about the last time that you purchased something you were a little uncertain about and it had a short guaranteed period. You probably marked the date on your calendar and kept close track of it right? Evaluating your opinion of the product or service as the time crept closer and closer to the expiration of the guarantee. And if the date arrived and you were feeling unsure you may have just opted to return it. On the other hand if the “widget” was guaranteed forever what’s the rush? You take more time to see if it works for you, giving the product/service a better chance of being effective. In the end you may just forget about the guarantee all together. You have no reason to obsess about it.

#2 Guarantees that are in conjunction with bold promises.
If your product or service can consistently deliver a desired result then why not stand behind it? If a Realtor knows that if they do not succeed at increasing their commission by 50% in 6 months they can keep everything and get a complete refund, no questions asked then they will likely have more confidence in you and their decision to buy. Often, even if a client improves their income by a significant amount but not the stated amount (maybe they did not dedicate as much time to it, or follow the whole program) they will still happily keep the product.

#3 Guarantees that reimburse you more than the initial cost.
Ever read a guarantee for a product and service and think to yourself. Oh, yeah great, if I waste 4 hours of my time I can still get my $ 99 bucks back. Who cares! Sometimes, it takes having the faith in your product (and the majority of your clients) to pay people for the time that they spend on you. For example, you can guarantee that if the “Realtor Referral Gold Program” doesn’t get to double the referrals in 6 months you will not only refund their money but pay them $ 50 bucks for their time. Even if the amount is not actually equivalent to the lost productive hours spent on the program people respect the gesture and are more likely to trust that you can follow through on your promises.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

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