P4PCLIENT.DLL file Removal ? How to Remove the Suspicious P4PCLIENT.DLL file

What is P4PCLIENT.DLL file

Sometimes, the P4PCLIENT.DLL file in your PC is considered as suspicious file. You can know the detailed information about P4PCLIENT.DLL file and how to handle the P4PCLIENT.DLL file.

P4PCLIENT.DLL file sometimes has been identified as a program that is undesirable to have running on your computer. P4PCLIENT.DLL file consists of programs that are misleading, harmful, or undesirable. In order to remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file automatically, you should immediately run an antivirus and antispyware program to protect your computer from P4PCLIENT.DLL file infecting.

How to remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file

Best Spyware Scanner can enable you to detect the P4PCLIENT.DLL file easily. You can effectively remove the P4PCLIENT.DLL file on your own by using Best Spyware Scanner.

Remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file by manual

Here are the common tips about how to remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file by manual. You can erase the threat information by yourself. Before you taking any operation, you should ensure you have backed up your system in case of any mistakes you could make or computer instable.

Note: these tips are used for experienced users. It is so complicated for the pc newbie. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use Best Spyware Scanner to remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file with ease.

Step 1: Find P4PCLIENT.DLL file Path with Windows File Search Tool

1. Click Start, and then click Search; select All files and folders in the Search Companion window.

2. In the “All or part of the file name” section, type in the file name “P4PCLIENT.DLL file”.

3. In the “Look in” section, select “Local Hard Drives” or “My Computer”, and then click “Search” button.

4. When Windows search is complete, highlight and right-click on the file “P4PCLIENT.DLL file” that you want to delete and select “Delete”. Alternatively, you can select the file and press the “Delete” button on your keyboard.

You may also stay on the “In Folder” and note down the file path of “P4PCLIENT.DLL file” on your clipboard, as the file path may be needed to delete P4PCLIENT.DLL file in the following manual removal steps.

Step 2: Remove P4PCLIENT.DLL file Processes with Windows Task Manager

1. Press the combination keys CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the Windows Task Manager.

2. Under the tab Processes, search for “P4PCLIENT.DLL file” process by name from the list of “Image Name”.

3. Select the “P4PCLIENT.DLL file” process and click on the “End Process” button to stop it.

Step 3: Check for and Delete Other P4PCLIENT.DLL file Files

1. To open the Command Prompt window, click Start and then click Run; type in cmd and then press the “OK” button.

2. In the emerged window, to change directory, type in “cd name_of_the_folder” (for example, cd C:Spyware-folder); press Enter button.

3. Type in “dir /a” and press Enter button to display the folder’s content even the hidden files.

4. Once you find the file you’re looking for, type in “del name_of_the_file”.


Usually, P4PCLIENT.DLL file can not be completely removed by manual. The P4PCLIENT.DLL file could be left over in the extensions of the parasite applications. It is highly risky to remove the P4PCLIENT.DLL file by manual due to this process could damage your system. In order to clean up malicious information from your computer, it is strongly advised to use Best Spyware Scanner to remove Adware, Trojan, Virus and Spyware on your PC.

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