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Of this article Mr. Cui Yi, Dragon TV News cameraman.

Key words: P2 camera In the just-concluded Olympic Games on the text by the Shanghai Media Group and Beijing TV, Guangdong TV station reported group set up to use the Olympics in front of the new Panasonic P2 camcorder. As the Shanghai Oriental TV cameramen, had the honor to become the world’s first to use a device with one of the cameramen.

P2 camera is Panasonic’s high-quality camcorder video storage technology, different from the previous record of using tape carrier for the camera. P2 records the picture data storage carrier is 4GB memory card (NIC card shaped like) P2 camera’s exterior design continues the DVCPRO series appearance and basic operation of key bits, any photographer can quickly learn and operate and use P2 machine . I mainly talk about the entire process of Olympic coverage to buy those machines experience. P2 overall feeling is news and feature programs suitable for filming, it has many convenient design is conducive to capture news events and likelihood of snatched.

Design LCD viewfinder Generally considered only in the non-broadcast devices such as DV with LCD viewfinder on the will, but right in the P2 camera below the viewfinder also has an LCD viewfinder opened, due to liquid crystal is different from the P2 professional video camera ordinary LCD, the brightness and contrast can be adjusted, less interference by the sun, is to:

(1) to ensure accurate color reduction. In a complex mixture of light environment, especially in commercial exhibition, the light is often very complex form, for photographers to grasp difficult to achieve very precise balance, and LCD screen provides a visual image on the reference.

(2) LCD screen design allows the stand to pull in the highest point on benefit when the cameraman filming, do not look at the viewfinder as usual tiptoe.

(3) help journalists exposed himself. Photographed in the past when the press can not simultaneously see their effect photographed, but when using the P2 as long as the reverse LCD screen, the reporter will be able to see their effect was photographed, and the reporter’s attention is also very accurate.

Excellent low-light effect of making more effective shooting night

For the cameraman, the light intensity usually only when not enough light with the news. This is because the increased use of information light steps on the one hand, while the effects of news are often light up the emergence of a strong focus beam, uneven illumination frame. Reported in Athens during the night I use the P2 camera shot, “the Athens Olympics opening ceremony,” “World of national performance in Athens at night”, “Liu Xiang was the night after crown Highlights”, “Night of 2008 gathered in Beijing Beijing press conference,” and so on never used a press lights, just the machine will gain 1 of 2 files is set to 6b, 9b can be, in the course of almost no use of the gain. Dragon TV reporter in the film Xiao-photographed pictures of the evening, I trial in the sky close to the density of black and slightly to street-based light source when shooting, the outcome of the results are quite eye-catching, rich layers within the screen, tolerance to the 7 aperture files around, which is the original camera unthinkable.

P2 camera internal settings in the menu also has a DSGAIN trailing feature, which enables the movement to the screen objects (such as traffic, lighting, etc.), film stack, similar to slow down the shutter and the film camera produce special artistic effect.

Use memory card as the carrier of the three recording

Since P2 is the data recorded in the memory card, so different from traditional tape recording. P2 has three kinds of recording format, that is a continuous record, loop record, pre-recording, loop record general we have chosen as the main mode. My MPC Olympic shooting Olympic news conference, the way to realize the advantages of such records. In accordance with past experience in the filming process is often full of want to change because of the tape recorded tape, but because the change affects the timing belt to record the screen, and key critical statements. Use the P2, because the fuselage has five memory card, the process selected in the recording loop record, even in the five memory card will be exhausted when the camera turned on in I can no longer space in front of the storage card replaced with new cards, so as to adjust the tape would not cause the leakage of a shame the screen shot. And another P2 camera recording?? Pre-recorded also is particularly magical. Pre-record mode to record with the characteristics of the screen is the boot that moment forward in the camera images within 8s will be recorded. In other words, the use of pre-recording function, the camera will automatically internal memory, as long as the camera power, would have been recorded within the camera (a replacement cycle for the 8s). This feature is very useful for news photographers, because the film news, the key to the screen capture is critical, because when faced with an emergency reporter or camera and found the key to the screen and again when people start shooting too late , while the use of pre-recording function, even if the cameraman missed the crucial moment of filming news does not matter, P2 camera ensures the boot of 8 seconds before the screen will be automatically recorded.

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