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Buyers interested in property in Berlin, especially Berlin luxury real estate, will want to explore the Grunewald residential district. Located on the western side of Berlin, in the borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, the area has attracted the European crme de la crme since 1880 when it was discovered and promoted by Otto von Bismarck.

The Grunewald district was incorporated into Berlin in 1920. It has been the home of the Institute for Advanced Study since 1981 and currently serves as the base for the embassies of nine nations: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kuwait, Laos, Luxembourg, the Republic of Macedonia, Poland and Serbia. The area is a particularly attractive one in which to buy a house in Berlin (or for that matter, to rent a house in Berlin) because it is the largest green area in the city’s sprawling 891.82 km2.

In Berlin itself, there are some 3.4 million people, but in the larger Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan area, the number climbs to 5 million. About a third of the city terrain is forested, with the Grunewald district being one of the most popular for Berlin real estate in terms of both its location and history. The river Havel separates Grunewald from Spandau, and it is bordered by the localities of Westend, Halensee, Schmargendorf, Wilhelmstadt, Gatow, Nikolassee, Zehlendorf, and Dahlem.

The Grunewald “forest” is now carefully tended and cultivated as a massive urban park covering more than 36 hectares. Portions of the forest lie along the picturesque Wannsee lake. The forest includes tennis courts, stables, riding grounds, and numerous other outdoor and sporting facilities and amenities. The pairing of outdoor living within a metropolitan environment is an attractive draw to newcomers who want to rent a house in Berlin or those seeking to buy property in Berlin as a longer-term investment.

Additionally the forest is home to Teufelsberg, an artificial hill built from rubble taken out of the city as it was being rebuilt over a twenty-year period after the bombing raids of World War II. As much as 12 million cubic meters of debris, perhaps the remains of about 400,000 buildings, created Teufelsberg, which is now the highest point in the city at 115 meters, just exceeding the largest natural hill, the Kreuzberg. Teufelsberg even includes a small ski facility, further enhancing the feeling of living in the country that is part of the district’s charm.

The real estate professionals at Premium Immobilien stand ready to help you explore the Grunewald district and all of the city in our search for the Berlin luxury real estate that best suits your discriminating tastes. We are accustomed to working with extraordinary people and strive to deliver extraordinary service and expertise in return. Our ties to marketing, bank management,and investment help us to bring the right tools to bear in your consideration of property in Berlin and we look forward to working with you to ensure you receive the highest quality return on your investment.

Premium Immobilien Sothebys International Realty offers the most spectacular luxury homes and houses for sale in Berlin.

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