Real Estate Agent Training – Your Most Important Client

Every business needs to focus on their most important customers and you as a real estate agent must do the same. Your problem, like every other business, is how to decide which customers are your most important. This article will take you through a discussion of how to determine which of your customers is the most important.

You might jump to the conclusion your most important customers are the ones who buy or sell the most expensive houses. Now, everyone will agree these customers are important but you should look at all the customers you have before deciding which ones are the most important. The answer may surprise you.

Another type of customer you might think of as important is the client who may not buy very expensive properties but does return to you every time they, or someone they know, needs an agent. You have received a number of referrals from these clients and they are always quick to recommend you.

A third type of customer you may be inclined to think of as your most important is the investor. This client is always looking for the right property to either turn around or rent out. The frequent purchases add a lot to your bottom line, even if a lot of work comes with it.

The final type of customers we will look at is the one-time only clients, the problems, the complainers, the ones who would never think to recommend you, and the ones you just did not get along with. Surely you can narrow down the selection by eliminating these, can’t you?

So which one of these should you consider to be the most important? The truth is, all of these customers are your most important – even the last group – because you never know where your next client will come from or how they will find you. You have to treat everyone as if they are the most important because when you are in business for yourself, they are.

Aldar Nagy is the author of Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas, which offers free marketing ideas, quick tips, articles, books, software, and other resources for agents so you can list more sellers, find more buyers, and increase your earnings through better customer service. Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas can be found at:

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