Real Estate Belize: Top Spots In Belize Where You Can Settle

If you are deciding on settling and getting a real estate Belize property, you are probably also asking where exactly to settle. Here are some of our recommended real estate Belize locations. Real Estate Belize Location # 1: Corozal Corozal is found in north of the border to Mexico. It is one the most picturesque cities in Belize and it accommodates all kinds of cultures, including Tisoys or Mestizos (Spanish blooded natives and their

culture), Mayan and Mexican fusion. It is a serene paradise that is a bit far from the hustle and bustle of the tourist Belize track.

Corozal got its name from the cohune plant, which is the flora that dominated the landscape of the primal inhabitants of this island.

The economy of the Corozal used to be sugarcane and papayas, but now it is known for its community of retirees and expats, as well as tourism. Today, this is the economy’s main source of income.

Corozal is also known for its Mayan temples of Cerros beside the river. It also has peaceful fishing villages called Consejo and Sarteneha. The main attraction is the Shipstern Nature Reserve.

There is a Corozal Free Zone that attracts business-minded real estate Belize investors as well. This area is complete with a casino, hotels and a tax-free shopping zone. There is a Corozal town and it is the most urban center in the northern part of Belize. Corozal has an amazing Corozal Bay so the view is stunning.

The Mexican border is only 10 miles away from here. The population runs a tidy 9,100. Will you be one of them? There are already a lot of retirees living here.

Real Estate Belize Location # 2: The Cayo District

Cayo is an area in Belize filled with river, caves, hills and mountains, as well as a grand waterfall. This is the main location of ancient Mayan ruins and cities. The capital city of Belize is found here and is called Belmopan.

There are hundreds of ecotourism activities available here in Cayo. It has 880,000 protected reserves and national parks. And if you want to witness nature in all its glory, you can visit here or invest in a real estate Belize property that you can wake up to everyday of your life.

There are hundreds of elegant and cozy jungle lodges, ranging from resorts to basic backpacking amenities, so you can live in the middle of the jungle and really experience the environment in all its glory.

You can wander around nice and easy-going picturesque towns called San Ignacio and Santa Elena. If you want to go to less crowded places, go to Benque Viejo del Carmen. This is also the base camp for exploring the rivers, caves and Mayan camps.

Belize – simply a paradise. Own a piece of that Jewel now! is the best belize real estate for you. They offer buyers from all walks of life, the opportunity to maximize the benefits of property ownership in Belize. No other community offers such abundant natural beauty, modern amenities, and return potential – for so little investment.

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