Selling Your Home in a Buyers Market

Not only are we currently experiencing a buyers market, but a sluggish market as well. This can be the worst possible combination for any home seller. Just as in any challenging situation, sellers need to understand the pitfalls and offer a product that no buyer can resist.

Here are some suggestions to help increase your chances of selling a home during this difficult time.

Get Rid of the Clutter: Probably the quickest way to make a difference in a house is to get rid of the clutter. Clean out the closets, clear off the counters, tidy the walkways and clean out the garage. You’ll be so glad you did. Not only will your home show more effectively, but you’ll have that much less work to do when it’s time to move. Also, the whole act of purging has a catharsis effect, and will give you renewed energy for the real work that lies ahead.

Update Your Home: If you’re decorating style is still stuck in the 80’s, or is in anyway dated, it’s time to make some changes. A great way to learn about the latest greatest decorating styles is to tour some model homes. Make note of the paint colors, furniture layout, accessories and light fixtures. Go home and start bringing your place into the 21st century.

Get Your Own Home Inspection: The benefit of investing in a home inspection is that you find out what’s wrong with your house before the prospective buyers do. This will give you a chance to act on any deficiencies and pass any subsequent inspections with flying colors. Some buyers will forego this condition altogether if you can present them with a current report from a certified inspector.

Develop an Effective Sales Strategy: Interview a selection of realtors to find the best fit for your sale. They should be knowlegable about the area, aggressive, flexible, and have a impressive track record. Agents are after all, sales people, and often make very good first impressions by telling you what you want to hear – get additional references from past clients.

Set the Stage: Book a few hours of consulting time with a professional stager and watch how your home can be transformed by making simple changes such as rearranging furniture, adding the right accessories and other simple, but important ideas. Not only will this improve your showings, but your photos will be more impressive.

Start Thinking Outside of the Box: Offer creative incentives that will make your home irresistable to buyers. Consider holding back part of the mortgage, or assuming some of the closing costs. Work with your buyer to make the purchase a reality for both of you. If the home isn’t selling, consider a lease to own option to give buyers a chance to build up a down payment.

Help Buyers Feel Right at Home: Offer as many perks with the home that you can justify. If a prospective buyer knows they don’t have to purchase appliances, jacuzzi, drapes, or even the television, they are more likely to choose your home over another.

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