Still Orange

Still Orange is a simple yet remarkable painting that has so many unique painting techniques which brings the painting to life. The artist uses blending methods that provide proper shadows creating an appearance that seems to be real. The bright oranges fading to deep oranges add depth to the piece, giving the look of dimension and shape. The leaves atop the orange are placed as if the orange has yet to be plucked from it’s tree branch. The artist chose a dark background, black, which gives the orange more dimension as if it is popping from the canvas. The central subject stands out against the dark background it is in front of which really focuses the eye and brings it to the center of the painting in a manner that is subtle and elegant. The styles of the background and the subject are vastly different, yet they still manage to work together to create a dynamic and compelling piece that will prove thought provoking for any viewer. The unique techniques make Still Orange very popular in any situation and will attract any viewer looking to pluck the meaning from this piece.

This canvas artwork is only available on a single, large canvas.  The single canvas design is the perfect way to display the subject matter and ideas of this peace, and allows the viewer to make connections with the subject of this piece. The single canvas allows the subject its own space to grow. This closed quality makes the piece more interesting and easier to manage with just two eyes! This piece will add contemporary, cutting-edge flair to any room and will certainly provide a new point of interest for your home. If you would like to explore more of our absorbing and thoughtful original pieces, a good place to start would be the Cityscape Canvas section, where you will find a lot of paintings depicting interesting dualities. One piece in particular that will be of interest to you if you are attracted to the style of Soulful Red is Ribbons, a painting that explores big ideas in an abstract style.

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