The Real Estate Board Of Greater Vancouver

The first ever real estate Board of Canada was established in Vancouver late in 1888. Vancouver, the city of neighborhoods, later became even more significant when in 1919 the Vancouver Real Estate Exchange was founded.

The Vancouvers Real Estate Board was functioning dynamically till the time of World War I. After the war the Boards operations were suspended for some time. In mid 1970s, the Board got its present-daytitle of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. By now, the Boards members have grown up to around 10,000!

The Board has now become the third greatest board of Canada. However it is still thelargest Board in the British Columbia making up around over 50 percent membership of the BC Real Estate Association.

The Board has recently acquired the highest award, Order of Excellence, presented by the National Quality Institute in the contemporary times. The institute outlines the national standards of business excellence that are presented to organization so that they can meet them effectively. In 2010, only one other Canadian organization received this award other than The Real estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Apart from this, The Real estate Board of Greater Vancouver is the first real estate board of Canada to receive such a high class award. Canada Awards of Excellence are the most honored awards program in the entire country as its Vice Regal Patron is the Governor General of Canada.

The Boards President explained how they got this prominent award in his statement: To earn this distinction is a rigorous undertaking that requires significant buy-in at the most senior level of an organization!

The Board made quality its goal back in 1996 and is travelling up the road ever since then. It has tried to excel in the fields of leadership, customer satisfaction, vendor focus, process upgrading, planning, staff involvement and organizational performance. You might be familiar with the mission statement of the Board states that the board is set on establishment of proper structures and services and to make available,plans, for fulfilling real estate requirements of the locality. The Board supports five major principals namely safeguarding property owners, ascertaining economic vitality, offering housing opportunities, protecting our environment and constructingimproved communities, so that it can hold the interests of the citizens.

Analyzing the focus of the Board, it can be rightly said that it has worked very hard to achieve it. In 2005, the Board got the Canadian Awards for Excellence Silver Certificate. In 2007, it received the Canadian Awards for Excellence Golden Certificate. Later that year, it was presented with the honored status of the only inductee into Vancouver Board of Trades Business Hall of Fame! It 2009 the Board was given the title of the Best Professional Association and was named as the sixth best company in the Under 100 Employees category.

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