Tips For Buying A Home

After you have decided how much time you want to spend looking for this new home the next stage is planning. The first step in looking for a new home is getting an approval letter from the lender, often times referred to as being pre-qualified or pre-approved. This letter from the lender is your benchmark letting you know what your limitations are on buying your home. Now that you have this approval you can now decide how much you want to spend on this home. Its best to start out conservative as your price will almost always go up as you go out looking at homes.

When looking for a real-estate agent you want to make sure that you find an experienced real-estate agent to assist you. The best place to find a good real-estate agent is from a friend or family member. Some real-estate agents may rub you the wrong way so make sure you can work with their personality. Decide how committed you want to be with that real-estate agent because some agents will try to get you to sign an agreement locking you to them for any real-estate purchases. If you don’t want to be fully committed don’t sign any agreements.

The next step in this process is determining what your needs are for your family. Do you need a basement home with storage space? Do you need a large backyard for a swimming pool or other recreational activities? Do you want to live close to a school? These are all very important questions that will help you dial down the location of where you want to be. Remember the golden rule in real estate is “location, location, location.” Don’t be too quick to submit an offer but also don’t be too slow. Remember that you can always give yourself some wiggle room in an offer allowing yourself an exit option if you decide not to go through with that particular home.

When you narrow down your search it’s important that you offer them less than they are asking. They may or may not accept your offer but you will never know in less you ask. They will always take what they are asking, and they might take what you are asking. Home sellers in desperate situations will typically be more willing to negotiate the price so don’t cut your-self short. Try to be very methodical in your home buying process, as this is one of the biggest commitments a person can make. ( If you’re looking for a Home for Sale in Utah you’re in the right place. We’ll provide you with a list of all the utah homes on the market in Utah regardless of who the listing agent or brokerage is.

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