Ugly Room? – The 4 ‘P’s of a Room Refresh

If your bedroom, living room, or family room is looking worn or bland try the four “P”s to brighten things up. Don’t worry about a complete overhaul. Its more like a facial than a facelift.

1. Pick up.
It is important to de-clutter the space. This is no time to look fondly at the crocheted tissue box cover that Grandma made you. If it is sentimental but ugly put it in a special box for such items and find a closet to keep it in. Mainly, you need to get rid of as much as you can while still keeping the room functional.

2. Paint.
This is not as scary as it sounds. Pick a color you love and paint just one wall. You may, of course, paint all of the walls. One wall is easier on the wallet and your time, not to mention great for those that fear committing to a color. One wall is much easier to paint over if you decide you hate it tomorrow.

3. Pictures.
Don’t start hanging pictures willy-nilly. This idea is more specific and creates a unified look in a room of any size and style. Purchase four identical, simple picture frames and fill them with similar art. Floral prints are cheerful and feminine. Photocopy old maps from the library for a more traditional and masculine feel. Black and white photography looks great with all styles and you can use your own photos, just get the color ones reprinted.
When you have selected and framed the four items hang them in a grid rather close together and not too high on the wall. Behind a couch or headboard is nice and if they are smaller above an end table.

4. Pillows.
Sounds rather obvious, but this is a simple way to unify color and theme in the space. Look around at everything you have so far. Identify the main colors. Your newly painted wall should be one. Choose one of those colors and buy plain throw pillows in that color. This repeats the color and emphasizes it.

After all of this, take stock of your surroundings and if you see something that just isn’t right get rid of it. This won’t be like one of those makeover shows, although an afternoon spent to make your home more inviting is well worth it.

Kerry Steele
Owner- Stabler-Peale Interiors
Representing Refined Mood and Method

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