What Is P90x?

If this is your first venture into the fitness industry or youve been hiding under a rock for the last 6 years you probably wouldnt be asking the question What is P90X? P90X is the revolutionary fitness program that has taken the fitness industry by storm in 2004 and hasnt slowed down since. It is among the most sought after workout program since the invention of the sport bodybuilding. As of 2009 P90X has been purchased and used by over 2 million fitness enthusiasts worldwide. And every one of them owes a great thanks to its creator Tony Horton.
Tony Horton is considered the most popular fitness trainer in the world today. He started out as an actor who wanted to get noticed in Hollywood and figured the best way he knows how to get noticed was to whip himself into unbelievable shape so that he would turn heads whenever he took his shirt off. As he discovered is passion for fitness, it led him to a new area of fame. He soon became the highest in demand for personal trainer in Hollywood. So he decided to start his own business with his own training philosophies and produced the famous P90X.
P90X started out in 2001 as Power 90 and was specifically for clients who wanted to workout at home. After he found a demand for people not wanting to train at the gym but rather at home he customized Power 90 and enhanced it to its extreme edition we know as P90X.
P90X was designed to be the most efficient at home training program of its kind. It allows consumers to get the most intense training program with minimal equipment and he attached a nutritional and yoga program to it as well so that people can not only train their muscles but also improve their overall health and lifestyle. P90X is not something you dabble with on the weekends, or something you might try for a month to see how it goes. Its something that if you commit to it will change your whole life. Many famous celebrities credit P90X to getting them in shape for certain roles in movies or music videos. Its a fitness program that has launched Tony Hortons fame to new heights and many famous peoples success to new heights.

P90X is the only at home fitness program that actually delivers results. It only takes 3 months of your life to change your body forever. If you havent tried it but are still curious then GET IT . I promise you wont regret it.
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