You Need a Backup Plan When Buying Vacant Land

Whenever you are in the market for buying land, it is always a great idea to select your top choice parcel of land with two additional back-ups. The reason this is so important is much time can be saved. This is especially true when you buy the first lot you visit. If you were to tie up that first lot, then you must find out if that vacant land you purchased is a buildable lot. If it isn’t, then you must start again.

Buy selecting three lots and positioning them in order of favorite to least favorite, if the first one is not buildable or for some reason falls through, you at least have the second and third choices to fall back on. This makes sense especially if you are from out of town and searching to buy vacant land for a get away or perhaps a winter home. If that one lot you chose to purchase falls through their won’t be that long trip back if you do it right. Buying land is not an exercise you want to rush through.You are allowed to have fun, but treat it as a business as it is a serious investment. You need to be around on a week day when the zoning departments are open so that you can contact or visit them with your information to make sure your parcel of land you intend to purchase is buildable. Careful planning makes purchasing land exciting and fun.

If you come across vacant land that is full of trees and thicket, you must somehow walk that lot. Rule of thumb, if you Can’t walk it, Don’t buy it. You never know what you’re buying and you might be surprised at what you’ll find when you return to clear the land for your new home site. Who knows, perhaps you would end up unveiling a sinkhole. If you’re gonna do right, do it right the first time.

I have been guiding new land owners through the process of developing their home sites for the past eleven years, working in concert with the building and health departments, while coordinating over 2000 projects. Author of the book (Wise Acres Guidebook To Buying Land On a Tight Budget) I provide unique information to any land buyer desiring to locate their dream home site or investors looking to make sound investments when purchasing land.

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